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Nimbifer – Demo II [Demo]

nimbifer – demo ii [demo]

Nimbifer are a relatively new German Black Metal band from Hanover that have been making headway in the underground scene, landing them two tracks for the “Ruins of humanity” 4 band split with  Akantha, Hajduk & Sørgelig.

Nimbifer play extremely raw, yet to some extent recognizable Black Metal, genre old Satanic Warmaster and Sargeist. Lyric wise, it all goes down to Germanic medieval history, superstition and folklore.

As said – the music is very raw but each composition is so strong in structure/composition and elemental riffs that you cannot but get swept away by it and are compelled afterwards to give the songs a couple more spins. whether it is “Der Herrscher”, “der Diener” or the longer “Im Dickicht” – the gruff vocals and mesmerizing riffs from Windkelch and the avalanche of pounding drums/percussion/cymbal abuse from Sturmfriedt grab you by the throat and won’t let go until the last note dies away.

In short: this is a very, VERY impressive piece of well-crafted work.  The demo has also been re-released as a compilation featuring their first demo, which says enough.

If Nimbifer manage to uphold this high level of musicianship, they’re going to take on the scene by storm. I’m looking forward to their next efforts. For now, I highly recommend both demo’s in whatever format you prefer to be added to your collection. It’s essential music. (LCF)