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Nimbifer – Demo I [Demo]

nimbifer – demo i [demo]

Don’t you just love getting all excited by a demo? Not the twelfth album by a well-established band which sounds exactly like album 7 till 11, but the first demo by a young band with no ties with other bands whatsoever.

Nimbifer from Germany is one of those bands and both Sturmfriedt and Windkelch have created a promising Black Metal demo, if you ask me. Although it is melancholic as it is grim, it sure has a melodic and medieval twist. With a bit of old Desaster as well as an act like Arckanum during their “Kaos svarta mar” EP with a swing and hit with the Angantyr bat…several swings and hits that is. Just give it a proper listen and you will understand the references I am getting at. This is a demo to check out and a band to keep an eye on, you would be a damn fool not to…and I will pity you. (Ricardo)