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Neolithic / Martyrdöd – Neolithic / Martyrdöd [Split]

neolithic / martyrdöd – neolithic / martyrdöd [split]

Still here? Well, I said I was gonna check out that split album from both Neolithic and Martyrdöd, so here it is!  “Inner Adversary” from Neolithic, oh man, how aggressive and straight to the point is that opening riff. Play this track into your garden with volume on maximum, and I’ll bet the cops will surround you within seconds. Another great track in the Death Metal and d-beat crust style from these youngsters in the scene. They got my blessing.

Up next: Martyrdöd. This band plays their music in the crustpunk style, fast, but not that pure and more messy, and their contribution titled “War of Worlds” is somewhat their trademark. The vocals are more in the scream-style and the variation between fast and more midpace moments (yes, some kind of breaks they use in their sound) learns me that their music won’t be the taste of many pure metal fans. Decent, but not overwhelming, luckily Neolithic is also present on this split. (Fredde)