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Nemere – Vérmező

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Nemere is a Hungarian black metal band which was formed in 2007. They released two demos in 2009 and in 2010. They recorded ‘Vérmező’ (translates as ‘Bloodfield’), their first full-length album back in 2012. The band stopped for a while before releasing the album. But know they’re back and so is ‘Vérmező’. Being recorded 5 years ago doesn’t make the album sound outdated, not  at all. Between al the rawness of the vocals, strings and drums, there’s a kind of freshness to it. I got the same feeling when I listened to ‘A furrow cut short’ by Drudkh for the first time.  And even Sargeist pops in my head a couple of times. All the lyrics are in Hunagrian and they deal with anti-christian topics, nature and ancient Hungarian times. Times when Transylvania was still a part of Hungary. The album consists of nine very high quality songs. Each song is comparably good in their own way, but my favourite is the last song, ’Utolsó Utam (My Last Journey)’. Musically Nemere brings fast passages in combination with mid-tempo parts. So you can just nod to the music or go crazy banging your head. The longer I listen to the album the more influences I hear. This is really worth listening to people. If you’re into bands with influences such as Drudkh or Sargeist, but also like the newer Post-Black movement this is the album for you. (Raybeez)