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Nekrosity – Void Gazer

nekrosity – void gazer

Hailing from the Death Metal cradle, yes…Sweden… Nekrosity comes with their debut album ”Void Gazer”, featuring members from Sadistic Grimness (love that band) and Ill Natured. This is 100% Death Metal…heavy, hard and straightforward.

I can hear the Bolt Thrower influence and I also would like to compare it with Dead Congregation in the composing style and the blast beat parts but this has more variation as well as horror, death and gore themes . Of course there’s also some US Death Metal influences but as I told before Bolt Thrower / Dead Congregation are notorious within the  8 tracks, 41:58 minutes long album, that goes strong because of their very good composited skills and song construction.

There’s not much more I can say because this is the right thing Death Metal and how Death Metal should sound like. So if you are looking for a safe buy to fill your collection, you just order this one as I will do the same. (Grangrene Pus)