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Necrot – Necrot [Demo]

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Here they are again, 2 track tape demos with a black and white illustration which serves as the cover. For the ones who are yearning for those particular gadgets with ditto “futuristic” design, it seems it’s coming all back. That doesn’t mean you have to grow a mullet again to enjoy this…Necrot from Oakland, Calfifornia (although the main man Luca Indrio is from Italy) is offering plain Death Metal. Dark Death Metal. Old School muddy and heavy riffs in the Incantation / Immolation vein with an early 1990s sound and the two tracks are mid-tempo overall with some faster parts. Not as spectacular as the latest Krypts album, to name something in the same vein, but still a honest demo with the right attitude. If you are into the Incantation / Immolation style and have a dime left to support the underground, why not spend it to Necrot? (Ricardo)