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Necronomicon [GER] – Unleashed Bastards

necronomicon [ger] – unleashed bastards

This band located in Germany has to learn the difference between thrash metal and power metal in my opinion, or at least make their choice in which style they want to grow as a band…they call themselves a thrash metal group, but after listening to their 9th studio album I beg the difference. The uptempo and frivolous riffs on this release titled ‘Unleashed Bastards’ could easily be on the tracklist from power metal bands. The vocals sound somewhat more evil, but no, this doesn’t break my balls in general. I gave it a listen, but unfortunately I expected something else…perhaps also I made a link between the bands name and something more evil or possessed, but that’s totally my fault.  In track ‘Total Rejection’ there’s some thrash influence to discover, but when the melody comes into play, I again have to drop out.

Perhaps track ‘Malevolent’, or ‘We Did we Do’ (the least bad one from both tracks – cause this has a very very very little of Annihilator-feel) can open their own eyes, cause this proves me right! In all probability will fans of power metal with  lower vocals embrace this one, but nope, this isn’t the underground style I stand for! The time to choose is now, cause it’s confusing. If I was in the possibility to choose in their place: speed/power metal band is what your future beholds, cause this music sounds too clean…No hard feelings. (Fredde)