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Necromorbid – Sathanarchrist Assaulter

necromorbid – sathanarchrist assaulter

Bestial Black/Death, the true essence of war made audible. Plutonic heads of chaos and desolation. Brutal, non-compromising, not for the masses for sure. Some maniacs like Diocletian or Eggs of Gomorrh released sick tunes in 2019. And Necromorbid are here to secure that 2020 wont be different.

If you where looking for the right tune to terminate some corona virus here it is. Violent, hyperfast, chaotic and aggressive as acid. With their 2nd album “Sathanarchrist Assaulter” the men from Florence, Italy, got the real artillery. Violence and structures in the veins of Bestial Warlust and Pseudogod, the groove of Archgoat, the atmosphere of Black Witchery, the spirit of Blasphemophagher and everything thrown into the Angelcorpse-mixer and hell is unleashed. Moyen provided the fitting and now signature style artwork  that almost defines the genre as well.

The production is crispy, harsh with enough punch to detonate everything. I think its got the right balance for this (un)pleasant aural assault.

I will shorten this one. Great violence, combining some influences from all around the Bestial/War Metal scene and do their own mix for the hell of a ride. Well done once again and fans of the band and sound should grab this without hesitation. Be also sure to check them live, recommended! (DPF)