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Necrofulgurate – Putrid Veil [EP]

necrofulgurate – putrid veil [ep]

Start a one-man project. Check! Record two demos in short time filled with Putrid Death Metal. Check!. Lay project to rest. Check! A.M., the man behind Necrofulgurate, made a bucket list and when it comes to creating trendless Death Metal in a short matter of time, he nailed it. “Putrid Veil” consists of 2 demos, each with 2 tracks, and are recorded early and mid 2017. Both demos weren’t meant to be released and the rumours are they were almost deleted. And there isn’t much info left to talk about concerning the band or it’s only member. Musically you have to think of a mixture of Blasphemy’s demo “Blood Upon the Altar”, very early Incantation, Sadomator, Maveth and the likes. Due to the chaotic and murky sound as well as the ultra low hazy guttural growl, it gets a raw basement demo combined with early Mortician sound, which suits the primitive aspect of Necrofulgurate well. Would the world miss these 4 tracks if they got deleted? Would you miss something extraordinary? I can’t imagine you will and can’t image I will ever say “yes” to that as this is solely for the underground purists who enjoy their ugliest produced Death Metal on tape. (Ricardo)