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Necrocurse – Grip of the Dead

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The first full-length album from the Swedish death metal band Necrocurse is a fact. It took them 9 years to come up with this album titled “Grip of the Dead” and will be released 11th March 2013 on the Pulverised Records label. With ex-members from bands such as Nifelheim, Masticator and Runemagick there’s plenty of knowledge available to create a good album in my opinion. Well, this album kicks off with an intro that’s not that special, but the track “Necrocurse” that immediately follows, shows the quality of this band. It starts with a melodic guitar-solo accompanied with a frivolous drum riff, followed by the somewhat filthy/threatening voice from vocalist Hellbutcher which I like. The sound on this album is nasty and old school and there’s a good flow between the instruments and the riffs they’ve produced. This definitely is a death metal album, but sometimes there are also some thrash influence notable in their songs (like example track “Infernal Rebellion” and “Morbid Maniacs”). Drummer Nicklas Rudolfsson has delivered great work on “Grip of the Dead” and on each track his contribution is important to decide if the speed level goes up or down. He sometimes even tends towards a more black metal sound when listening real good. Generally said, this album is mostly filled with uptempo tracks such as “Speed to the Grave”, “Ripping Darkness” (the only song where a real moment of peace is inserted) and “Rotten in the Dark”. The most positive aspects on this album for me are the fast guitar parts, the threatening and filthy voice and the magnificent drums! Any death metal fan will like this one! (Fredde)