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Necroblasphemy – Crypt [Demo]

necroblasphemy – crypt [demo]

Have you seen that Indiana Jones movie where mister Jones Crawls into that crypt underneath the library dragging along that boobieful blonde lady? Well when I took a first look at Necroblasphemy’s cover art this movie scene was the first thing that popped up in my blurry mind. Now if I where mister Jones I would have shown this lady some more romantic stuff instead of an ancient crypt, skeletons and rats ridden with disease! I would have shown her my beautiful pale anaconda and aqcuired her how to handle such an impressive force of nature with care and patience.

But that’s a whole other topic kids. “Crypt” sounds like “Enjoy the violence”, thus Necroblasphemy appears to have been heavily influenced by Massacra. Wich is no bad thing cause I always digged these boursin-drinking and wine-eating Frenchies.

The sound produced on this four track demo is straight to your face and as dry as a nuns private parts, giving that thrashy feel to it. Mister Patrick sound like if he is indeed inside a crypt and tries to spit his vokills towards the mic. Mister Daniels drumming is straightforward yet versatile and detailed, using high pitched toms to create that suffocating, exxxtreme atmosphere. Mister Jeffs riffs are responsible for your sore neck the day after.

“Hate” sets the festivities on fire with a ripping riff, splitting your skull, stripping your skin, setting the tone for the rest of this demolishing whirlwind. “Disgust”, my favourite track, alternates fast and slow with ease and flexibility, demonstrating the capacities of these three German musicians.

This debut nails it. Aggressive, potent and determined to get the job done. Just like my beautiful anaconda. (Franki_boj)