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Nahash – Daath

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23 years have passed since the birth of this Lithuanian spawn but finally Nahash made it and released upon us a fantastic album called “Daath”. In the Christian Bible, Nahash is the name of the snake who tempts Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So you know what`s the deal. Daath is the 11 Sephira on the Tree of Knowledge and the door the other side of the Tree. On a total length of almost 72 minutes, this records is a monster. Dark cold atmosphere which only black metal creates, every song leaves his mark(sometimes shivers done the spine) on the listener. Great guitar work (tons of melodies), riffs to bang your head of, great synths to add more to the atmosphere. Outstanding and versatile vocal performance as well as groovy drumming with fills and breaks when you need them and higher speeds If necessary. The Bass gives a lot of punch and low end. Truly a great debut album. Congrats. (DPF)