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Nachtruf – Schattengeister [Demo]

nachtruf – schattengeister [demo]

This is absolutely amazing. One of the most outstanding demos you will ever hear, Nachtruf’s “Schattengeister” is so good it would easily qualify as an official release. The only drawback might be the ever-so-flimsy production but, hey, this is black metal so who gives a fuck about that?

“Schattengeister” has been released by German label Black Devastation Records on pro cassette and is limited to 200 hand-numbered units. It’s the Austrian band’s second demo inside a year and provides three quarters of an hour of exhilaratingly bleak yet soaring BM majesty. At times depressive but more often simply dark, here’s a jewel you have to investigate if you possess any curiosity about the secrets hidden deep in the underground.

The musicianship is startling and Nachtruf’s ability to create the exact right mood – one of menace and abject desolation – is nothing short of uncanny. You’ll be hard pressed to find better examples of epic, obscure black metal than the twelve-minute opener ‘Vadatajs’ or 14-minute scorcher ‘Aus ewig schwarzem Nebelmeer’ ANYWHERE, never mind on a demo tape. Unbelievable stuff. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Nachtruf so snap this up before it’s consigned to folklore. (GeraldR)