Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Mysthicon – Silva – Oculis – Corvi

mysthicon – silva – oculis – corvi

Poland is known for its famous extreme metal bands. We have Vader, perhaps the oldest representatives of this circle, Hate or Batushka. Now, if we join precisely these three bands, what would the result be? The result is this, Mysthicon.

The members have not wanted to reveal who is who, joining to this formula of anonymity that we have seen in Metal for a some time (precisely some exponents of this model are from Poland: Mgła and Batushka), but the sound of the band confirms the origin of its members. Both the tuning, the distortion of the guitars and even the vocals, make us feel that it is a Polish band.

In short, the band does not bet on the characteristic speed of Hate or Vader, but on their melodic riffs. And it is that it is a quite melodic band, that plays with elements of Death and Black metal, but keeping measure. This is because his bet goes for the dark and even melancholic. That’s where some of Batushka’s characteristics come into play, but even more those of an old band that is also related with this project: Lux Occulta. Some of its members were (or are) part of this band that appeared in the mid-nineties and was characterized by having the keyboard as relevant as the guitars. Mysthicon also places a high priority to keyboards, which fits into its formula quite well.

Defining exactly what its style is a bit complex work. Even some doom metal elements can be hear in his proposal, as in the track “Star Prophet”, one of the most intense moments of the album. The production closes with a cover of “Passing Away”, a song by Lux Occulta. Any fan of any of the named bands or Polish metal in general, will be more than pleased. (MarioR)