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Murg – Strävan

murg – strävan

I have never heard of Murg before. And that’s a pity because their third album made quite an impression on me. Hailing from Sweden this duo, Murg consists of two members Varghel and Urzul, manages to offer an intriguing sound were aggression and atmosphere go hand in hand.

Strävan starts with “Ure Myren”. This opener feels like a walk in the forest and the melodies created remind me of a sweet ballad. That’s only the beginning. After a few minutes that image of a peaceful forest changes because this melody turns out to be an interlude to an atmospheric and grim sound. The forest is still there, and will definitely not go away until the album is over, but it has shifted in a darker one where foul creatures and ghouls roam and lurk in the shadows.

Murg creates a very aggressive noire atmosphere. This duo has venom and melancholy in its veins. When you just listen to “Strävan” and “Berget” where tremolo-picking, well dosed aggression and depression go hand in hand. Dark black metal sections, black metal screams and even blasting sections manage to create a perfect darkness.

Is there something original or new on this album? Hardly, but who cares when it is so perfect delivered? I certainly not. The production is on point. The vocals are slightly mixed in the background. This creates a marvellous sinister and dark atmosphere of pure aggression.

Just wait until it is dark and put some candles on and listen this dark piece of art. Or even better go for a walk or run in the woods and get your earphones on and drift away in the arms of mother nature. Great stuff and highly recommended for fans of atmospheric and melancholic Black Metal. (HaCeBo)