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Mortuary Drape – Spiritual Independence

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You have Black Metal, and you have…Black Metal. So many discussions, is Venom “real” Black Metal. Is Mercyful Fate “real” Black Metal…and what about the first recordings of Sodom? Or are Mayhem and Darkthrone the ones who invented the “real” deal? Let’s just agree Black Metal comes in many forms with many different faces. One of them is Mortuary Drape from Italy, who combines the obscure and occult of Black Metal with a more mid-late 1980s Metal approach, especially the solos, to accompany the ritual of sacrifice. A macabre atmosphere is created once again and therefore “Spiritual Independence” washes away the bad taste which stuck after the previous album “Buried in Time”, released back in 2004. If you enjoy acts like Necromantia, Barathrum and musical ideas and solos of Mecryful Fate, you are obliged to check the new Mortuary Drape out. The mass has started…Hail the occult!. (Ricardo)