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Morgal – Morgal [EP]

morgal – morgal [ep]

A pleasant surprise, when you hear some Old School uptempo Scandinavian thrashy Black Metal with lots of melodic, almost Heavy Metal-like hooks. Don’t be fooled by the photographs which could have been of an old Profanatica forest-session and the attitude of these youngsters. Their slogan is “0% Moral, 0% Law, 100% Fuck You” and you’re just scanning the booklet or cover for a statement that orders from Norway aren’t accepted like certain Cyber Punkish Sado Metallists did on their debut album.

The 4 tracks on this EP are a re-recorded selection of tracks on previous releases which resulted in mix which can be described as Nifelheim “Devil’s Force”  album mixed with early Tormentor from Hungary but with the intensity of Merciless. But take a listen yourself, cause this EP is worth it. This Finish power trio certainly deliver the goods if you want your Black Metal just a little bit different than most releases, but still is Black Metal as Fuck! (Ricardo)