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Mördwolf – Demo 2012

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From the depths of… Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mördwolf is exposing their fondness of Old School Death Metal, in particular the Swedish kind. Mördwolf is quite a new band, based on the experience of guitarist / vocalist Brian James Huebner, who is known for his work with Cold Colours. If you’re into crunchy, crusty Old School Swedish Death Metal with a bit ‘n roll in it as well as guitar feedback, Mördwolf closes the deal for you. With mostly up-tempo riffs (except closing track Immoral Blasphemies) these deathbangers are firing 5 early 1990s hymns through your speakers. Ofcourse I can insert the common Entombed and Dismember influences here (more Dismember than Entombed by the way), but I think you could already figure that out yourself. After hearing the demo a couple of times, I can’t say I’m convinced that we will see Mördwolf releasing their debut on a quality label very soon. Therefore most of the material on this demo is not competitive with some of the debut albums that I’ve heard the last 12 months. And to be honest, it has something to do with the vocal performance. Although I applaud the John Tardy-ish end of every lyrical line, the mix make it sound like a superfluous vocal-effect or harmonizer. Mördwolf deprive themselves with it as it takes away the attention towards the fine riffs. Still I hope they can create more tracks like “Before the Rot” and perhaps it will work out eventually. Fingers crossed for the next demo! (Ricardo)