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Mordbrand – Unmake [EP]

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Mordbrand is not hailed by the masses, but certainly appreciated by the disciples of Old School Death Metal, the Swedish kind. And in good Mordbrand tradition, their latest material is an EP, although the news already reached the inbox that a debut full-length will be released in the near future. The tracks on “Unmake” were intended to be featured on a split with Gravehill, but for reasons unknown the split didn’t happen and Doomentia Records released the tracks as an EP. As mentioned in our first issue, Mordbrand combines a doom atmosphere with their SweDeath Metal (as proven on “Swallowing of Swarms”) which is a perfect décor for the low growl of Per Boder (known of his activities with God Macabre / Macabre End. After more than two decades on hiatus, God Macabre is active again and played at Vomitory’s last gig…and will play more gigs). Or as they describe their own material: “Primitive Death Metal with Atmosphere”. All the new tracks have some variation in it; up-tempo, doom, groovy, mid-tempo, d-beat, grinding…you get it all while listening to Mordbrand. The EP ends with an Exciter cover “War is Hell”, of which Morbrand made an own version of it. Adding the cool artwork of Juanjo Castellano and Mordbrand has once again a decent EP. (Ricardo)