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Mordbrand – Imago

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Well, I could copy & paste my review which I wrote about the “Unmake” EP. Or the one I made in the first issue…Maybe I accuse Mordbrand for being boring that way, but hell no, that’s not what I’m aiming at. I consider Mordbrand as a quality band. I don’t think they will write an album of which people will talk in 2025, yet everything they produce is good stuff. With their first full-length “Imago” they just did it again. Old School Swedish Death Metal, a bit darker/doomy than the usual influences in this scene yet 100% Swedish Death Metal. I do would like to pick out the opening track “Revalate” with just a fuckin’ great chorus. The first time I heard it, it grabbed me immediately. The song starts like a pounding Swedish Death Metal song but the chorus is a bit…well…it’s hard to explain but let me try. The bass takes it over, sytnhs are added and the setting of pure Swedish Death Metal is changed into a 60s/70s family horror TV-serie like theme. Imagine the atmosphere of “The Munsters”, only less “surf” ofcourse. Really, I’m not joking here! I can’t put my finger on it, but it has a certain evil touch, but not really horror like evil, more like a family show. As said, hard to explain. It’s certainly a track I keep on hitting the “repeat” button. If you like every Mordbrand release sofar, “Imago” is a safe buy as well. (Ricardo)