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Morbital – Меч миру

morbital – Меч миру

First full length of this death metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They harbour two ex-members of the crossover band Gorilla Troops. Pretty obvious that they’re Russian, since the album title, song titles and lyrics are all in Russian. Due to that, I’m absolutely oblivious to subject matter of the lyrics. So I’ll just concentrate on the music.

Which does speak for itself: Low, glooming death metal with deep grunts and many pace changes. They easily slide from deep, doomy parts to raging blasts and this reminds me of bands like Incantation and Disma. This adds massive dynamics to the music, and gives the whole a super heavy feel. Despite the somewhat ascetic production, with a lot of volume fluctuation in both the snare drum and the guitar leads, the band is rather consistant in intent. With somewhat catchy riffs and dissonant parts that drop the temperature of the generated atmosphere below zero every now and then. Morbital exploits the feedbacking of the guitars as a mean to add weird, menacing sounds to their music.

Wonder what they can achieve if they record something in the future with an ultra low and balanced production. There’s plenty of potential here, if they get an opportunity to step up their game, soundwise. Favourite song: “Имармена”. (Stijn)