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Moondark – The Shadowpath [Re-release]

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1993. Right after the golden era of Swedish Death Metal, you know…those years in which a couple of albums got released by bands like Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, Nirvana 2002, Carnage etc, Moondark formed and released a demo in the same year. The End. For Moondark that is, as the members are known for the actions in Centinex, Interment, Uncanny, Dellamorte and such. The demo has some touches of Swedish Death Metal, but it is clear Moondark blended it with the Brutal Death Metal scene from the US. Johan Johanson with his guttural grunt will be the host on “The Shadowpath” for example. You could say Moondark is a mix of Eternal Darkness, Rottrevore and also it reminds me of mid-tempo Mortician (along with the sound). It’s nothing groundbreaking, maybe a bit simple even but it does give a punch in the face. It’s been re-released before by No Colours Records for example, but for every fan that is into smudgy doomy Old School Death Metal, should check this one out. (Ricardo)