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Mons Veneris – Mons Veneris [EP]

mons veneris – mons veneris [ep]

Just after the release of the massive “Mistérios Satânicos Disformes Infernais” full length on Black Gangrene Productions (an incredible mile stone of an album full of horrifying Black/Ambient/Noise), came this new brand new 2-track EP, released on January 1st.

Two new tracks are featured on this EP, “Ritual of a Neverending Doom” being the first one.  This material is by no means a leftover of material on the full length. Oh no – Mons Veneris return to the Black Metal sound of old. “Ritual of a Neverending Doom” has a crushing ritualistic feeling to it, with menacing tribal trance like drumming, sublime synths that whip up the song from a delirious frenzy to an infernal climax and completed with malicious evil chanting, which eventually vaporizes into oblivion.  Pure insanity.

The second track, “A Scythe infested with Plagues…” kicks off at full speed, with crude, bestial abuse on the drums and a whirlwind of guitars from which a malevolent voice barely manages to escape. The track was a slower second part where the uncompromising sound of Mons Veneris takes hold again.  The production is ungodly good. Room has been reserved for all instruments mistreated including those awesome drums and for about 10 minutes one is completely swept away in total satanic rapture and sucked into a cold sphere of total darkness.

The new year has begun good with this memorable slab of sickening demented Black Metal art. This EP is released by Harvest Of Death on tape, but a 10 inch vinyl edition is said to follow shortly.

In any case : this is a mandatory release from one of the most intriguing acts of Black Circle underground movement! Get your copy, kiddies ! (LCF)