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Misanthropic Rage – Gates No Longer Shut

misanthropic rage – gates no longer shut

Progressive black/death metal is likely the best description I could come up with for Misanthropic Rage’s music. They experiment with various elements while never straying too far from the extreme metal paradigm. Their performance is strong on atmosphere and often retains a somewhat glum, melancholic feel, though always rises to knock you down with its emphatically heavy moments. The music is comprised of powerful vocals, enigmatic riffs, and a good performance all around. I think the avant-garde approach works quite well, as it renders a sense of identity. My only criticism is that sometimes the music can be slightly underwhelming, whilst at other times it has that “wow” factor that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The band gets points from me for having some novelty to their sound. (Filth Bearer)