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Midnight Betrothed – To Follow Your Spirit Into The Night… [Demo]

midnight betrothed – to follow your spirit into the night… [demo]

Midnight Betrothed from Australia is one of those few entities that play raw produced Atmospheric Black Metal but with a prominent role for the keyboard concerning the music in general as well as the sound. A very melodic and mellow role that is. They call it “Sombre Romantic Black Metal” and frankly…I understand what they meant by that.

When Summoning would have chosen for a more melancholic Vampyr-like style in their early days, this could be the style they would play at that moment. The mix of the raw atmospheric Black Metal along with the prominent keys does have its moments and it is certainly above average, towards “decent” even, I do enjoy my raw Atmospheric Black Metal a tad less mellow or “romantic” than on “To Follow Your Spirit Into The Night…” (Ricardo)