Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Miasmal Sabbath – Ominous Radiance

miasmal sabbath – ominous radiance

The existence of Miasmal Sabbath, a trio with experience in genres like Hardcore, Punk and different styles of Metal, has one purpose and one purpose only; the creation of swampy, D-beating Death Metal.

Opener “Invocation of Death Essence”, which is an instrumental, gives the listener an idea what they meant with swampy, D-beating Death Metal as it is heavy, murky and sludging… But even 2 minutes in the second song “Celestial Prodigy” you as a listener would still be on the wrong path, because you’re 5 minutes in the album now…but all you have heard is slow and muddy, but then the D-Beat Death Metal kicks in!

The duration of the tracks are long (6:30 being the shortest one (intro not included) till 10:30) but thanks to the variation within the songs the stay away from boredom. With both attitude as well as musical approach variating from Dismember to Wolfpack as well as Autopsy to Discharge, “Ominous Radiance” is both rotten and crusty as well as slugging and dark slimy.

Something to check out if that sounds good to you. (Ricardo)