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Melan Selas – Ῥέον

melan selas – Ῥέον

Hellenic Black Metal! Now hold your horses…it will not be another “I love the old scene” declaration of unholy and perverted love, as Melan Selas plays a more heroic and epic kind of Black Metal. “Ῥέον” has 2 new songs on Side A, which differs of Side B which contains the EP which was released in 2016 by Metal Throne Productions. Although the new songs has a bit of thrash in it, Melan Selas draws its influences of Bathory during the “Blood Fire Death” and the more epic side of “Under the Sign of the Black Mark.

Side B, the EP side, has a more traditional Greek approach yet not going full 100% Rotting Christ or Varathron worship whatsoever as Melan Selas creates some nice majestic and melodic Black Metal of their own.  I can assure you this is one interesting album. (Ricardo)