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Mayhemic – Mortuary Feast of Skeletons [EP]

mayhemic – mortuary feast of skeletons [ep]

Chilean Thrash metal madness will prevail as long as bands like Force of Darkness, Castigo, and of course, Mayhemic, keep alive the flame of total desecration. This quartet formed just a few years ago became noticeably with the release of “Mortuary Feast of Skeletons” in 2019, which had been released again via Awakening Records & Broken Records in 2020.

Each one of the four tracks of this EP, which is no longer than 12 minutes, contains a bludgeon that recalls some of the great referents of the powerful old school Thrash metal at international level. “Shaking Ground” is the track that opens this powerful sample of merciless Thrash Metal, and the title describes very well the ground on which one will settle once this Thrash metal devastation starts. The vocals and drums are for me, the elements that imprint all the brutality and quality to this release, without underestimating the riffs that are quite good.

“Spectrum of Death”, “Pleasure to Kill” and “Darkness Descents” are albums only to be cherished in the memories of the years of youth? It seems to me that beyond the place they earned in the history of the genre, this Mayhemic release is a tribute that keeps alive the flame started by the legends that gave Thrash metal all the brutality that characterizes it.

As the “Bodily Dismemberment” (The Rigor Mortis track) lyrics dictates “Expect no mercy from these manics”. This release offers moments that go very well with the heat of headbang and beer, but it is still a violent execution offered by these Thrash maniacs. (Alex G.J.)