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Martyrvore – Obliteration

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Oh yes, I’m a sucker for primitive death/black metal, and here we have another fine example. Hailing from the US, Martyrvore takes on a direct assault of violence and blasphemy. Chaos prevails throughout this album, which apparently was already recorded in 2011 and released in 2014. Doesn’t matter, music like this is totally insensitive to currently ruling trends. Simple yet effective, Martyrvore slays its way through a range of short pounding songs. They take on a little more ‘epic’ tour in ‘Whores of Death – Wenches of Belial’, but their biggest strength lies in employing the straightforward grooves followed bij insane blasting such as in ‘Iron Satan’, and ‘Nuclear Orgasm’ which is everything its title promises. The instrumental keyboard track ‘Epitaph II: In Ambulan Morten’ gives you a chance to catch your breath and builds up nicely to the haunting intro of ‘Necroseptic Risen King’, that soon continues in more high velocity desecration. Martyrvore lacks the sense of depth and the mystical feeling that, for example, a band like Teitanblood does have. They take on a more straightforward approach like a Nunslaughter. I’m sure this will work very well in a live situation, with its direct approach and the fact that it’s not too complicated so it won’t end in a disarray of noise. The stuff any fan of everything between rancid death, thrash and first wave black metal will enjoy. (Stijn)