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Mandatory – Ripped from the Tomb

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German Mandatory was founded because of the member’s love for raw and straightforward Death Metal in the vein of the early 1990’s. Because I’ve heard their “…Where they Bleed” EP and their “Adrift Beyond” album, I only can confirm the biography opening. “Ripped from the Tomb” isn’t the successor of their debut, but an unreleased recording of 2003. The death metal is old school, very straightforward with a guitar sound that resembles Cemetary’s “An Evil Shade of Grey”. That typical love or hate “squeaking” sound. To complete the old school journey, the vocals by drummer/vocalist Stinne is a mixture of Martin van Drunen (blurted something in the mic in Pestilence, Asphyx and Hail of Bullets) and Marc Grewe (Morgoth). At the end I dare to say the material presented on “Ripped from the Tomb” is a bit to simplistic and generic (for example “In Torment” with a very simple chorus) to completely enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, a simple riff can be very effective, but the 2003 version of Mandatory wasn’t quite capable in writing such riffs. Still, we are almost 10 years further so it is more important to keep an eye on their second album. (Ricardo)