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Malokarpatan – Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada [EP]

malokarpatan – cesta podzemnými sálami kovovlada [ep]

Malokarpatan are a restless Slovakian band, who have put out a release almost every year since their inception in 2014. Basing their music on a combination of first wave of Black / Speed metal, 70’s kraut rock and atmosphere, while singing about creatures from Slovakian mythology, national pride and being drunk. Throughout their releases it is obvious the band is evolving into a force capable of combining very different sounds into their narratives, while still staying recognizable in the cauldron of eastern European metal.

Their digital EP “Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada” (The Journey through Kovovlads Underground Halls) from summer 2018 got a limited vinyl release this April. A very short release, clocking in at less than 11 minutes, it tells the entire story of L’ubka, a vain and promiscuous girl from the world, who gets lured into a marriage with Kovovlad, the lord of the Underground. To explain the whole story, Malokarpatan have divided the EP into two songs, to emphasize how L’ubkas fate changed. Part I starts with an almost ambiental sound combining sounds of water inside caves and almost fairylike bells to build the atmosphere and describes the wedding between Kovovlad and L’ubka and their departure to his underground crystalline castle. Afterwards part II presents the darker, menacing sound of the narrative, where L’ubka realises she had been cursed for her vanity and greed when she is served stones at the feast. She’s doomed with torment forever, which is all explained through the music with raw vocals and riffs layered over melodic undertone (similar to Master’s Hammer, Root and early Mercyful fate).

This is an essential release for fans of the band and for overall fans of (pagan) black metal from eastern Europe. The only problem is, it is way too short. (Black Mary)