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Malignament – Demo I [Demo]

malignament – demo i [demo]

Malignament emerges with a malevolent sound and this is very clear with their first demo, which contains three songs, that simply transport me to a journey in the vast ice caps of Scandinavia, where echoes the unholy howling of the wolfs to the moon.

The cold guitar with its typical Scandinavian distortion, rips the profane melodies on the fast parts that will mould themselves, into the creation of more melodic parts. The bass, stands out not less intense or indispensable, in the perfect malevolent symbiosis of chords. The drums are a real downfall where the blizzards are constant and powerful, in the more melodic parts, their subtle presence appears in a destructive way. The vocals wander between parts that get involved in the profane proclamations more mystical, connecting all the parts on this fist demo in a perfect way and like must be.

This demo contains a very primitive essence, where the melodic parts fit perfectly in the final concept and that even enriches a lot the way this demo was made and recorded.

Despite being Malignament’s first work, it shouldn’t go unnoticed, much less leave indifferent those who listen to this great demo. (Slaughter Beelzebub)