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Majestic Downfall – …When Dead

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For those who aren’t familiar with Majestic Downfall, this is the brainchild of an individual called Jacobo Córdova. Or maybe you know him as Mr. Jacko of Zombification although Majestic Downfall was founded earlier. Since 2006 mr. Córdova released 4 full-lengths and 2 splits but it seems the Death Metal created with Zombifaction is a bit more popular than the Doom/Death of Majestic Downfall although the latest split with The Slow Death got some positive critics. When the “…When Dead” starts is a typical album which has a slow attempt to build up an atmosphere. The intro ends with some UK-scene mid-tempo leads. But when “Escape my Thought” starts it’s far more up-tempo Death/Doom. Talkin’ about being put on the wrong track! But further on the song transforms to the atmospheric Death/Doom with melancholic leads. Also the last track “The Rain of the Dead” has some traditional Death Metal in it but mostly the tracks, which are all above 10 minutes, are atmospheric and leaning towards Doom/Death. Mr. Jacko is without any doubt influenced by the sinister parts of the albums of early Paradise Lost and Katatonia. Certainly far above average but at the end it is a long journey. (Ricardo)