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Macrofago – Back to the Abyss [Demo]

macrofago – back to the abyss [demo]

Macrofago is a Death Band from Chile in South America. They released this 3 song Demo EP back in December 2017. It immediately reminded me this “Scream Bloody Gore” vibe but different of course. It is old school Death Metal but the guitars can sound sometimes like a mix between the HM-2 and the sound of the old Hellhammer “Satanic Rites” distortion. Anyway, the music is good with good riffs but not with this complicated or technical style, it’s more like basic and simple riffing but that doesn’t make the songs sound boring in anyway. If you are into old Morgoth, Asphyx, old Benediction and the very old Death, take a listen to “Back to the Abyss”. (Jön)