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Maceration – A Serenade of Agony [Re-release]

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Let me take you back to 1990…Denmark, the city of Esbjerg. The thrashers of Invocator have released 3 demos and two members were talkin’ to each other about forming a Death Metal band. Not much later they already had a live tape which was recorded on stage in their hometown. They kept on writing new material and recruited the one and only Dan Swäno (on this album his alter ego Day Disyraah) as vocalist for their debut album. “A Serenade of Agony” became an album in the vein of the early 1990s US Death Metal scene (Death and Massacre to name a few examples) and the musicianship is decent, like you can expect of the 2 axe-men of Invocator. The album was released by Progress Red Labels (also responsible for the early Illdisposed records and became DieHard Music later on) but although it’s not a bad or below average album, or the fact that they have played live with play live with bands like Dead Head, Beyond Belief, Gorguts and Blasphemy, Maceration didn’t got really noticed by the masses. Dan Swäno left, Jacob Hansen left and the style went to a more Hardcore sound. 1995: Maceration is history. The bonus tracks on this rerelease are live or rehearsal tracks, mostly with bad sound. “A Serenade of Agony” is not like a hidden gem which is getting rereleased; if you haven’t heard Maceration before, don’t think you will be considered an outcast, ha! Still, the album has some nice tracks like “Pain and Pleasure Incarnate” which deserves a spin. (Ricardo)