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Lucifuge – Infernal Power

lucifuge – infernal power

Who holds the keys to the Seven Gates?

Well, you don’t have to guess who is influenced by Venom when you hear the opening of “Black Battalions”…or the whole album even. Along with 80s Teutonic Thrash, the use of Maidenesque harmonisations of the first two albums, Bathory’s “Bathory” both riffs and Quorthon’s vokills, Slayer’s “Show no Mercy” (just take a listen to “The Doors of Hell may Shake”) and the aforementioned Venom, these German Blackened Thrashers are presenting a fine piece of Thrashin’ fun that has both a melodic touch as well as nasty raw punch.

“Infernal Power” is a solid heavy speedin’ thrashin’ 80s album that is a good listen for those who enjoy the aesthetics of the aforementioned acts and era and don’t give a shit about originality but just enjoy good Metal. (Ricardo)