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Lividity – Perverseverance

lividity – perverseverance

“Did you catch that? No means yes and yes means anal.”

Just to quote one of many sound samples which are on the seventh full-length album of the Porn-Grind Kings from Illinois – Lividity.

As usual Lividity delivers a beautiful mix of brutal perverted Death Metal and Grindcore… and their massive obsession with all things anal. When you listen to Lividity – what I do from the beginning – you have to listen to them with a huge amount of humour. Don´t take everything serious and put the stick out your ass or put the stick in your ass? The songwriting follows the same path as usual. Brutal blastbeats are combined with groovy parts, the bass is hammering like hell and on the right point a very the vocals got very guttural. To be honoest there isn´t much more to say what hasn´t been said. With “Perverseverance” Lividity didn´t create something new, and they don´t have to because they do what they do best.

Who has loved Lividity before would definitely love their new album and if you hated them before you would have now 12 more reasons to hate them. (HaCeBo)