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Lik – Carnage

lik – carnage

After “Mass Funeral Evocation” (2015) and the 7” split “Only Death Is Left Alive / The Reaping” with Uncanny, the experienced chaps of Lik didn’t put their HM-2 pedals in boxes to store in their garages, instead they kept on writing new material that results in this fine second album with the simple yet effective title “Carnage”.

Once again it is the buzzsaw sound that gets my juices flowing, but it is not the sound only, as “Carnage” is filled with top notch material. Sure, it has Dismember written all over it…the whole Dismember discography. So you will hear the common uptempo Swedeath as well as the groove and the Maidenesque harmonies during Dismember’s last couple of albums. Typical Old School Death Metal the Swedish way and as non-original as my Pasta with Pesto, basil, garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts, but it is oh so tasty and you will take seconds! (Ricardo)