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Leprophiliac – Caskets of Flesh [EP]

leprophiliac – caskets of flesh [ep]

Leprophiliac is a two piece Death Metal band from Spain and the “Caskets of Flesh” EP is their first effort. The cover art perfectly describes what this 4 song EP beholds; disgusting Death Metal.

With songs like “The Autophagous” feeling like a hardcore song being played by zombies, this EP had me hooked on the first song. You can feel the energy they were trying to convey while recording. The writing on this EP feels very old school, but the production and tone is a different take on that style. The very thick guitar tone and the strained vocals makes this an interesting listen. I can’t forget to mention the cover of Celtic Frost’s “Circle of Tyrants” was an awesome touch! I was a fan of the very thick sounding production which is very similar to Mortician and also the very old school feel would fit well with fans of Obituary.

So if you’re into that kind of Death Metal, do yourself a favour and check it out! (Kellen)