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Lauxnos – Crushed by Waves

lauxnos – crushed by waves

Lauxnos is a Russian atmospheric depressive post-Black Metal band who took their name from an old Russian word that refers to the stars, the moon and the dawn. They have built a conceptual storyline which is presented in form of three albums that tells of escape from the daily in the mysteries of dark ocean waters where peace might be found. Although there are raging storms that threaten a different kind of oblivion. “Crushed by Waves” is the third album of this storyline. It is very multi-faceted and very enjoyable to listen to.

Throughout the recording there are a lot of changes in tempo, without losing the right amount of melody. Every song has a great recognition value. The vocals change from scream to clean just on point to give the lyrics about the ocean, loneliness and mysticism the right touch.

I think this is another great sounding album from Lauxnos. I can totally recommend it every fan of atmospheric and depressive post Black Metal. (HaCeBo)