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Kryptamok – Verisaarna

kryptamok – verisaarna

The demo “Proofani”, which was released by the combo Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter Productions, was a pleasant listen as it is a well-played second wave Black Metal one.

With the debut “Verisaarna” Hex Inferni (Horna, among others) took the Black art of Kryptamok to a next level. Like on the demo there is a variety in pace, aggressiveness and melody with a mid 90s atmosphere, something you may expect from the Finnish scene, only with Kryptamok you’re getting more of the Scandinavian scene.

Adding a trumpet or trumpet-like sound in the opening track “Loputon, totaalinen sota” gives it a touch of Sear Bliss…I know, not Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian, but within the other songs you will get a mix of bands like Grafvitnir (up-tempo melodic parts) and Darkthrone (especially “Pimeyden tyranni“) for example. And don’t forget to listen to the great melodic main riff during “Apokalypsin epilooki”; which is absolutely worth listening in my book.

“Verisaarna” is definitely worth your money if you’re into the Second Wave Black Metal with all the variation it’s got. (Ricardo)