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KHNVM – Foretold Monuments of Flesh

khnvm – foretold monuments of flesh

A German/Bangladeshi cooperation named KHNVM is about to strike with the debut album entitled “Foretold Momuments Of Flesh”. The project is very American Death Metal oriented with some Polish influences as well. The production is well balanced and in your face while the songs vary a lot in speed. The technical skills are quite good and help to get a very dark obscure twisted feeling and sometimes you will hear out some old Hate Eternal, Behemoth, old Deeds of Flesh and other Death Metal warmongers.

The more dissonant chaotic nature has also a lot in common with Internecine or Hate Eternal, having its counterpart with the melodic leads that gain more attention this way and help to secure a certain variation. The double vocals are quite effective, sure nothing new or outstanding in terms of „the new voice in the genre“ but they fit the overall sound good enough. The Thrash parts thrown in and translating into some atmospheric modern Black Metal like parts (like Behemoth) are tasty just to be killed right afterwards with a typical Death Metal part. US death metal seem to be the general influence, ranging from Florida to New York which works great. A good sense for groove can`t be ignored  for which I am really grateful and shows a skilful song writing in terms of tempo changes and catchiness.

Overall a good way to start their career and If you like US induced Death Metal with a dose of Behemothian blackness then this could be something for your ears. (DPF)