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Khaos – …Encircles Us … [Demo]

khaos – …encircles us … [demo]

I fucking swear to whatever shitty god’s that may or may not exist on this plane of, well, existence, that Ricardo our mighty overlord here at VM Underground has a bloody wire tap or somesuch into my brain. He seems to be able to pull a rabbit out of his proverbial hat (or somewhere, best not to ask) every bloody time I ask for something to review like he knows precisely what I am thinking. Does he know me that well? Sure, I’m a simple kind of guy, I like my beer cold, my smokes to be lit, and my Metal deathly, but am I that bloody obvious?

Apparently fucking so haha, so much so that I have only ever knocked back one review.. Actually I wrote a real scathing one about the band and laughed, and you will never see it, so that gives him a ratio of about 99.99% accuracy, and it’s nice to know that he actually pays a shit ton of attention to what us wannabe Metal journo’s prefer. Anyway, enough of kissing our great leaders rabbithole, just let it be known that I take my hat off to him. See what I did there? Oh dear.

Today’s subject is the German based band Khaos. I liked them the first time I saw their logo. Why? Well it has the Symbol of Chaos behind it, and for those of you that don’t know, it’s an eight pointed symbol, meaning basically that any fucking thing can happen, and no doubt will happen. Used by Bolt Thrower back in the day and others of course for their own reasons, I get it, because I am a firm believer that this is a fact. Life teaches us that, unless you have your head stuck in a rabbithole and aren’t paying any attention. The second thing that got me was that they are indeed, Death Metal, and I’m guessing you guessed I like that. I said so, as you can see.

The third? Well, the music for fuck’s sake.That’s what we are here to talk about aren’t we! Did I mention Bolt Thrower? Well, yeah they are definitely in the mix, So is Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, and any other kick arse material you may care to mention that invokes images of tanks and other heavy war type shit running rampant over the days of old. Heck, at the end of track two “Hetzer” we even get the sound of a tank (or maybe a Halftrack, not entirely sure) and that lovely sound that only the continuous track system of propulsion can deliver. A noise you don’t get to hear very often unlesss you are knee deep in the entrails of your former fellow soldiers, or driving the fucking thing.

Four songs of utter brilliance, and you can make your own interpretations. The last song “Set Me Free” even has a sort of Black Metal tilt to it, reminding me somewhat of later day Satyricon..These German lads aren’t here to fuck spiders as we say down under, they are here to make you soil your pants as they do Panzer donuts on your front lawn. They are more than welcome to tear mine to pieces, and also blow up any one that complains. This is one you must have. That’s a fact. (The Great Mackintosh)