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Karg – Traktat

karg – traktat

It‘s always a pleasure for me to write about one of my absolute favourite bands from my homeland Austria. For those who don‘t know, Karg is an one man project from J.J., the vocalist of Harakiri from the Sky. “Traktat” is his seventh album and the final part of the trilogy which started with “Weltenasche”, the second album of the trilogy was “Dornenvögel”.

Karg is very multifaceted. “Traktat” starts with “Atmospheric” Black Metal and blends elements of post rock, shoegaze, and more into a coherent mix that is clearly something completely original. As always J.J. screams in an Austrian dialect which gives the meaning of the songs a special form of depths if you are able to understand the lyrics which is sometimes even for me as an Austrian a little bit difficult.

“Traktat” delivers perfect melancholic post Black Metal and more without any drop of tension despite a length over 76 minutes. If you like Karg‘s earlier albums you will definitely love “Traktat”. This album will surely be in my top 3 of 2020. (HaCeBo)