Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Istengoat – MMXII [EP]

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This debut EP of Chilean Death Metal band Istengoat (although “Isten” seems to be Hungarian), was already released in 2012, but you probably already guessed that reading the album title, didn’t you Sheldon? As it was sold out, Blood Harvest released it as a limited 7” to give dark souls around the globe another chance to listen to some dark Death Metal. Formed at the begining of 2011 with the main goal of creating a simple, direct & powerful sound which can transmit the sensation of being infront of a tornado…this means Istengoat plays well…everything which is can be considered exxxtreme. You hear Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash Metal, everything in an Old School Way, but nicely sown together like Ed Gein did with parts of his female victims. If you dig bands like early Morbid Angel riffs, some Angelcorpse pace, Grand Belial’s Key view on Black Metal and the Thrash side of Anal Vomit, Istengoat could be right up your alley. While listening to Pogrom, I cannot help to think of God Dethroned during a certain riff. Blackened Thrashy Old School Death Metal. The Chilean Exxxtreme Underground is alive…and Diabolical! (Ricardo)