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Israthoum – Arrows from Below

israthoum – arrows from below

Dutch black metallists Israthoum are striking again with their 4th album “Arrows from Below”. The band still stick with a melodic kind of Black Metal, some old Emperor/Watain, some Acherontas here and there and their own signature elements. Which means a versatile vocalisation using not only shrieks and grunts but also clean vocals that stand out and are placed perfectly, making the vocals an instrument of his own too.

The material seems to be more progressive to a certain extend. There is more variation, there are more breaks, clean guitars alternating with distortive sounds, layers of riffs and leads, cool basslines and by far more than just 4/4 drum beats. It may not be an easy listening at first, but If you consider yourself a fine art listener then you should give this album a couple of spins to grab all the details and inhale the dark captivating atmosphere of which “Laetetur Cor” is a prime example.

Israthoum got the balance between aggression, atmosphere, catchiness and sophistication. If you think Watain played it too save, Tribulation are too much dark rock and you miss a certain Emperor vibe, this could be for you. Horns up for Israthoum. (DPF)