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Irae – Dangerovz Magick Zpells from the Mesziah of Death [EP]

irae – dangerovz magick zpells from the mesziah of death [ep]

Alongside Mons Veneris, I dare say Vulturius is the most prolific Black Metal musician in Portugal. And what weight does that have? Very little is his works was crap, but it is not.

After an amazing release – “Lurking in the Depths” – Vulturius is back, and with a different approach from his previous release. The man’s basis will always be Black Metal, and I bow down to his love for the genre, so do not expect for a beast with a different scent; expect the same beast, with a very personal, and refined vision. Vulturius has always given himself to the genre, never replicating his previous releases. A sort of innovation that will never mess the image we have of him, as a musician, as a Black Metal crafter.

This time, Vulturius collaborated with Mauro Teksera, man of many projects and visions, and the result was wonderful. It has that aroma so characteristic of French Black Metal, that ghostly melody… I was blown away when track 3 started playing! Every time Irae is to release new material, I tend to expect nothing, and everything, for Vulturius has taught us that he is capable of it all.

Another amazing release by this Portuguese Black Metal musician. No more words are needed. This is Black Metal. Death to you All. (DanielP)