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Invictus [JAP] – The Catacombs of Fear

invictus [jap] – the catacombs of fear

I always get a smile on my  face when I see such great album cover – big appreciation for this one – and off course I hope the music also reaches that level. And these Japanese musicians hit the nail with this one. A very strong debut album, a great way to show their skills and to start off, that’s for sure.

This album is Death Metal with a modern twist in it, the production is neat, the mastering of instruments is great and it all sounds ferocious! There’s lots of speed and acceleration in the eleven tracks (listen to tracks “Bizarre Dreams” and “Diabolic Intent” and proof me wrong), the riffs are very tight and the vocals are blistering – not something I expected when the front man’s native language is Japanese. This threesome is well attuned to each other (two of them are called Seki – so I suppose they’re brothers?) and as stated above: they know how to play great Death Metal with technical skills and a big Thrash attitude.

Yes, Invictus makes a stand with their first full-length! If you’re not sure this is your cup of sake definitely check out master track “Devouring Room”. (Fredde)