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Into The Arcane – Het Verlangen der Geest [EP]

into the arcane – het verlangen der geest [ep]

What if Jan-Chris de Koeijer (ex-Gorefest, vocalist) started a rockin’ Doom Metal band with some Old School Death metal ideas and with an occasional melodic twist as well? First of all I think Frank Harthoorn (ex-Gorefest, guitarist) would give him a bitch-slap and say “For fuck’s sake, mafklapper! You promised to rehearse “Horrors in a Retarded Mind”!”. But it would also sounds quite a lot as Into The Arcane. Although there is a huge connection with the band members behind Dead End, you can’t compare that band with Into the Arcane. This has a more gloomy and, dare I to say this….dreamy atmosphere. Before you get visions of unicorns and other fantasy figures, I mean that typical atmosphere Tiamat created on their “Wildhoney” album. Combine that with Celestial Season’s “Solar Lovers” as well as a hint of Black Sabbath (just take a listen to the end of “The Glass King”) and you get a surprising EP. (Ricardo)