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Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses

into coffin – unconquered abysses

Germany, what have you done? Streams of horror upon mankind: This seems to be the road for Into Coffin who just released their 2nd album “Unconquered Abysses” through Terror From Hell Records. A 4 track, 75 minutes long piece of epic cosmic horror of death.

Imagine Vassafor, Grave Miasma and Cenotafio pairing together and you get an idea how Into Coffin will sound, or not. The abyss isn’t far away with these guys because they know how to create and transport you to dark corners, black holes and hidden mysteries. Atmospheric and violent at the same time. Labyrinthian guitar/basswork, dynamic and versatile drumming and Cthulhu like vocals. Don’t search for standard song structures or classic hooks as this is extreme metal that goes beyond. The band also has a melodic touch into their sound while still remaining morbid most of the time with eerie lines. The songwriting abilities are excellent to keep such long songs interesting.

Strong work once again from this band. Be sure to take your time while listening. Nothing for a quick ride but a long travel to the unconquered abysses… (DPF)